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In this series I will update the reader with a good surmise of background histories of grids and a good collection of the number systems, charts and research that will bring even the novice into an enlightened condition. In my studies based here in Australia from 1985 I began establishing a database of natural and pre-colonial crafted sites that was the initial premise of phase I of this unusual study. The components that surround these sites create the matrix that supports complex ecosystems of Earth and their demise.

Much of the notable research was done using experienced dowsers to include Curry, Hartmann and Whitlock. The distinction between the Curry and Hartmann "nets" are subtle. Little is written about Hartmann's energy net and the details of his life in Germany. More is known about the megalithic research of Professor Thom in England for example. Measurements of this net vary. It is set as a matrix of squares aligned north/south measuring 5 square metres or 16.404 imperial square feet or 16.188 square geodetic feet if using the Cathian lunar system.

The net is comprised of a primary band of north/south and a secondary band of east/west crossings. When taking a larger patch of 4 squares or 20 square metres or 65.616 imperial square feet (64.7525 geodetic feet), recognizable harmonic frequencies begin to appear.

Complementary wave patterns yield an extensive network of harmonics noted in the Cathian system. This metrology is derived from the conversion of the speed of light into minutes of arc values designed around geodetics, the formation of the grid on curved surfaces. We can then note the value 647.5 which equals 1/2 the polar square cap diagonal of 2545!

Information available in the British Society of Dowsers examines the "phase-change"of the net at sunrise, noon, sunset, midnight. Solar activity, sunspot maximum and minimum, weather conditions also alter the "reality" of these energy grids. Ancient societies perhaps had a notion of the presence of these grids, dividing them into three: positive, negative and neutral. The study of grids and their measures (metrology) and their keys to celestial activites comprises an important part of the history of alchemy. Dr. Manfred Curry's research in Germany highlights what he sees the Neutral grid as being a component of the human emotional/thought-form field.

It is tuned to 3.5 metre square positions aligned north-west/south-east and north-east/southwest. An Australian geologist and high-school teacher in Castlemaine Victoria, Kevin Masman has a long history of dowsing research on the human networks created in our neighborhoods and homes. The evenly spaced 3.5 metre patches equals 12.25 square metres or 40.1898 imperial square feet . Masman has developed an Australian Feng-Shui system that can manipulate these sets of lines and reconfigure them to improve quality of life.

Harmonic hunting has its limits I warn you. It can become a ridiculous quest to practice reductionalism, but in this example I feel it justifies the rule that number systems provoke phenomena. A circle drawn within a square patch of 3.5 metre radius has this sequence: 11.4828 imperial feet divided by 2 equals 5.7414, squared, times PI = 103.558/2 = 51.779 This value approximates the harmonic 51.85 or 51 51 degrees the angle slope on the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Another study of sacred space written in 1991 by James Swan titled Power of Place outlines an historic perspective of cartography based on the grid model. This model is a composite of complex polygons studied before Pythagoras.


The worldtree website is the official place for research on Australia's rediscovered history. My contribution is both as an editor and a archivist for the growing database of research on Australia's role in preserving the legacy of the "moment of the first occasion".

The worldtree mission is to present in a non-confirmist approach evidence of non-Aboriginal / pre-Colonial entradas, through artifacts, rock-art sites and a megalithic science found in Australia. Those who are contributing their expertise here are working toward a factual confluence of historic treatments based on this evidence.

My area of study in university was research methodology in marine sciences and language with minor in pre-Columbian rock art. In 1984 I began this 15 year study into a rediscovery of Australia. I participated in the fact-finding work of Marilyn Pye who had established a theory that she had located a time-capsule in Queensland dated to 5000 years before present.

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To our ancestors the Milky Way was the dividing line, which separated day above and night below in the firmament of the heavens. Their separation of cosmic dreams into a Land Above and a Land Below, is joined at the Land Between, which is the scientific reality we are seeking. We deny the ancient science as mythology, as our own science strives to prevent the cosmos from communicating the story it holds. The gateways to the resting place of our ancestors can be visited when we stop to realize, "where they have gone, we will also go." The mystery to unfold is whether the science of the living can successfully reveal the science of the dead.


3-D Hyperdimensional Geometry

This exciting new formation, quite gigantic at over 250 feet in width, lends dramatic support to the idea that the Circlemakers are attempting to show us these "hyperdimensional geometries" at work. This is indeed the next step in an ongoing demonstration of the geometry of "hyperdimensional physics" as described in Convergence and other sources including Richard Hoagland's Enterprise Mission website and Monuments of Mars text.


In this Ship's Section are located the key planetary images -- specifically, of the Moon and Mars -- that are at the heart of The Enterprise Mission's current investigation of possible intelligently-designed extraterrestrial artifacts located elsewhere in the solar system. For comparison, an extensive array of unenhanced "raw" NASA and Soviet planetary data is also accessible in this Section -- including close-ups of diverse planets and satellites currently devoid of "artifacts." In addition to planetary imagery, the "Enterprise" Planetary Lab also contains space and earth-based photography of a wide variety of other astronomical and space phenomena -- including those that now astrophysically demonstrate key predictions of the major implication of the on-going "Enterprise" investigation: a rediscovered "hyperdimensional physics" (see also "Physics Laboratory").


9/24/98 - NASA Report on Major New Solar Gravity Anomaly: Another Confirmation of Hyperdimensional Physics