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311.10 Humans as Ultimate Complexities
[311.10-311.18 Complex Humans Scenario]

311.11 Synergetics presents a picture of the multioptioned operational field of cosmic favorabilities, intertransformabilities, and complementary interaccommodations within which each human individual, his life, his world, is always one alternately elective, complex-integrity way Universe could have evolved.

311.12 No man or woman can ever prove when they wake up in the morning that they are the same person who they think they remember went to sleep. They may dream that they had other dreams, but there is now no way to prove that there are not a great many alternate "me's," and that one of them may have awakened under one set of alternate possibilities while the others may have awakened under other circumstances, and that each of them thinks that it is the only "me."

311.13 Let's assume that you have the realistically imaginative capability to invent a Universe wherein there are no substantive "things," a Universe wherein there are only events. Life is first of all awareness. No otherness: no awareness. Much otherness is difference-from-me-ness. Events are cognizable and re-cognizable only through awareness of the occurrence of interrelationship differences in sequentially observed conditions. Your Universe would have to be a Universe of ever-changing events, differentially adding here, subtracting there, multiplying, and dividing, reaching out or coming in, differentially including and integratingly refining, either locally gaining or losing, while continually and complexedly transforming at a plurality of rates and magnitudes. Within this Universe you also invent all the 92 regenerative chemical elements and their respectively unique, repulsive or associative behaviors compounding to form billions of unique substances while catalytically disassociating such substances to form all the chemical-element isotopal agglomeratings. You may go on to invent all the generalized principles of synergetic mass- interattractiveness and entropic radiation, as well as the latter’s reflectivity and refractivity. And you will have to invent precession and all the unique frequencies of the chemical elements as well as each and all cyclic events. Then you start playing your game of Universe. You have all the stars and galaxies of stars entropically exporting energy and planets syntropically importing energies that, when they reach critical mass, become new stars as fragments of the exploded old stars become cores for the beginning of new planets. As you invent, you arrive at more and more intertransformative complexities and timing problems; the whole game gets more and more complicated. Quite clearly experiences must multiply, so the complexity of your invented Universe multiplies exponentially at a fourth-power rate in respect to the arithmetical progression of time. And since every event is always accomplished with six equieconomical, four-dimensionally directioned moves__the four dimensions being (1) inwardly, (2) outwardly, (3) circumferentially and equatorially around (axial spinning), and (4) polarized, involutionally-evolutionally, inside-outingly around__by means of the alternative, equimaximally economical optional move events you might find by the close of each event that you are six, five, four, three, or two radial zones outwardly in any direction from where you started__or right back where you started__and you soon come to the complex invention of thus-far-discovered billions of galaxies consisting of approximately 100 billion stars of the macrocosm and multibillions of invisible-to-naked-human-eye, microcosmic, associating and disassociating behavioral identities, altogether camouflaged beneath the blanket of make-believe "reality" of exclusively terrestrial politics and economic me- firstings, whose nonsensical preoccupation we call "today." It is doubtful that the million- light-year-distanced Andromeda nebula has any interest in Republicans or Democrats, communists or capitalists, or any other terrestrial partisanships.

311.14 So it could be that human beings, wherever they occur in Universe, may be introduced as a means of coping metaphysically with the most complex kinds of local Universe problems, so that each one of us is where the problem-solving of Universe is being transacted. If we were to think of ourselves as things__as china dolls, as kinds of china dolls that would just get smashed up or would just get worn or eroded away__that wouldn’t be very good thinking. It would be much closer to actual Universe to think of ourselves as an absolutely continuous complex process. We are quite possibly the most complex of the problem-solving challenges of the invention that is eternally regenerative Scenario Universe. In this way each of us might be a department of the mind of what we might call god.

311.15 It is reasonable to suppose that there must be an overall physical- metaphysical cosmic accounting system that is always omniconsiderately integrative of all the a priori set of generalized interrelationship principles that we have found scientifically to be unfailingly operative in Universe. It may well be that each of us humans is an important function in sustaining the eternally regenerative integrity of Universe. The invention of the game of limited and terminal local awareness that we call "life" is in contradistinction to the concept of eternally total cosmic knowledge, intellect, and wisdom, whose totality of comprehensive comprehension would answeringly cancel out all questions and all problems, which would result in the eternally timeless, sublime 0=0 equation of absolute perfection.

311.16 Local life in Universe involves the invention of time. Time involves nonsimultaneity and limited information__ergo, only partial equatability. By introducing time and the myriad differential of interevent lags consequent to the exponentially multiplying, reinterpositioning distance variables inherent in the six alternative moves for each of the myriad of differentially frequenced, never-simultaneous events, the exponentially multiplying complexity of interevent lags accounts for both the micronuclear and macroastronomical progressive range of distance differentials of experience-limited, local-Universe human observing. Since each of the only-mathematically-statable, scientifically generalized laws of physical Universe constitutes a statement of truth, and since science has discovered a plurality of observable and ever redemonstrably operative truths__all of which are always omniinteraccommodative__it may be said that truth is complex. It is mathematically hypothesizable that all of the truths are potentially integratable and that the resulting integral truth constitutes the cosmic integrity that humans intuitively sense to be in governance of Universe and speak of to one another with the inadequate sound-word god.

311.17 We can thus invent a hypothetical Universe with a limited game of individual human participation in only-locally-occurring, time-distance morphation awareness conceptualizations integratingly cognizant, as the sequential reality of human realization, of the complexedly interacting plurality of omniinteraccommodative cosmic laws that altogether enact events in pure principle, so reliably pure as to be sensorially apprehended by human brains and partially comprehended by human minds.

311.18 We may logically assume that the intellectual cosmic integrity of the timeless, sublime integral of absolute perfection must continually test its integrity of eternal regenerativity; wherefore the integral that we inadequately identify as god requires a plurality of local sensing monitors to be omnideployed in the time-distance- differentiated, nonsimultaneously conceptual, serial Universe to continually observe the local Universe events, while also being progressively advantaged with an ever larger inventory of the discovered laws governing cosmic regeneration integrity, and thus equipped, to cope metaphysically with each of the profusion of unprecedentedly unique regenerative complexities that we speak of as problems. In effect god differentiates cosmic integrity into a time-distance-differentiated plurality of limited, local, metaphysical, intellectual experiences with which to test the capability of “god” to reintegrate and restore its timeless zerophase unity.

Copyright 1997 Estate of Buckminster Fuller